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I can edit odfs and beta test!

14th March 2009 20:03

The reason you have to copy basename to the file is the game will not know what m3d files and dds fi...

14th March 2009 20:03

Your going to have to reinstall.

14th March 2009 20:03

Current Name: StarfleetCommand3 Desired Name: SFC3

16th February 2009 13:02

I have updated the list with the other You know your A2 addiction is out of control when. "You know...

22nd October 2008 20:10

Can someone lock this thread? This is getting pretty ugly.

12th October 2008 18:10

I got a loading screen for my game now, How to I make my screen appear? Do I have too edit the sprit...

6th October 2008 19:10

Huh, Its fine on WinXP Pro. Let me PM you my email and you send me the file in .txt format and I can...

5th October 2008 15:10

How do you alter the loading screen? Its broke into pieces.

5th October 2008 13:10

It said Import App on all of the .py's. I deleted them from the py files and nonthing. EDIT: I trie...

5th October 2008 13:10

It recommended KM1.0 but I didn't care.

4th October 2008 18:10

After installing the DJ Galaxy Class, I started BC up and guess what. BSOD. I installed Console Trac...

4th October 2008 16:10

Nope. Still noning.

29th September 2008 19:09

I think this will help: BCSMC Crash

18th September 2008 11:09

The file is corrupted for me.

28th September 2008 18:09

It was kinda dark, But not underpowered.

28th September 2008 13:09

How do I edit the weapons in MPE?

23rd September 2008 19:09

How to edit the weapons on a vessel and hardpoints

23rd September 2008 19:09

Shhhhh!!! Your going to get the thread locked!

22nd September 2008 19:09

IKS;4581779Something I found the other day while sifting through some old stuff I was working on yo...

22nd September 2008 19:09

Ok, Use Aftermath 2.0! It fun to play over and over.

21st September 2008 20:09

Uhh, There is one in UU thats great but this ones better: Aftermath, Star Trek: Legacy Downloads, S...

21st September 2008 20:09

5) Coffee. Because nothing goes with donuts like a good cup of fresh coffee.(Thanks to Admiral Jane...

21st September 2008 14:09

Theres credits for it too in the readme

20th September 2008 19:09

the readme doesn't say anything about credits and anyway is just a big hunk of ships from various mo...

20th September 2008 19:09