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Fine. I'll do that. Tell me whats the ships you want

20th September 2008 19:09

if you see a something at the end of SOD: (Example: name.sod) Rename it so it should look like this:...

20th September 2008 19:09

Heres a tutorial for porting A2 to STL (beware it will look stupid when you play the ship) _______...

20th September 2008 12:09

It still doesn't work. Can someone give me the names of the textures associated with the Connie Ref...

23rd June 2009 18:06

So you were wondering what those odf mods were for. This Enhancement Mod! - Ship Retextures - New...

25th June 2009 11:06

Um... I really think the Fourth Nacelle idea really sucks.

1st September 2008 18:09

We are.

26th July 2009 15:07

I'm have a problem with Aad's Galaxy Class. The button to separate the ship is not there, And I don'...

8th August 2009 12:08

Yep. And the Detector Grid.

6th August 2009 16:08

Here: #include "station.odf" //*******************************************************************...

6th August 2009 16:08

Ok. I'm going to upgrade to Windows 7 today, But here: EDIT : I'm can't do it.

2nd August 2009 11:08

I can't! It said something about a security token is missing.

1st August 2009 15:08

I now have a bigger problem. I have replaced the Fbase odf file with the one fdock_ur. It now crashe...

1st August 2009 13:08

chief_chainsaw;4963663 i could send a colony ship and it would bombard the planet with mines then co...

1st August 2009 12:08

It was the scale! It was too big. So when you saw it in game it was transparent. I scaled the sod do...

30th July 2009 11:07

I have replaced the stock fed starbase with Shadow's Spacedock: Space Dock, Star Trek: Armada 2 Dow...

29th July 2009 20:07

Ah damn! Oh well. I'll scrap this idea.

29th July 2009 17:07

I very confused. I have Fahres's NuLites and Project Oranges Mod installed. I and I think it will ov...

29th July 2009 11:07

There are overlapping hp's. There are three HP01's

29th July 2009 10:07

I comes up as a white box. Heres the entry @reference=64 @tmaterial=interface rspecialw1 WFro...

27th July 2009 18:07

We need a STXI Fed Race!!! ASAP!!!!

26th July 2009 15:07

Now it crashes if I try to use Separation

9th August 2009 15:08

Jetfreak;4958526Nice one man, this'll be worth the download for sure :D It would have to wait for me...

26th July 2009 15:07

The Search For Spock The Undiscovered Country First Contact Generations Kobyashi Maru Wrath of Khan

25th July 2009 14:07

Miliciano;4941356 Pretty much anything made by the Sci-Fi Channel blows hard, now that I think of it...

24th July 2009 15:07