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I want me a sig! it'd be nice, something with a Huey and a U.S. Rifleman would be nice thanks :D

14th July 2003 13:07


21st July 2003 00:07

i remember my days of mouse flying(demo), then i got the logitech wingman extreme... good joystick,...

21st July 2003 00:07

Originally posted by DC2002 lol :spamtastic: If u ever need a new actor, just PM me

21st July 2003 00:07

dammit i forgot the pic.

21st July 2003 00:07

and 4 have fun.... more trees to be added to hills and such. :assimilate: :feedback::saber:

21st July 2003 00:07


21st July 2003 00:07


21st July 2003 00:07

here come some screenies

21st July 2003 00:07

thanks! it works, even with the joystick

21st July 2003 03:07

ahh yes, thanks for the good comments, sending some old screenies(more trees,LOTS more trees have be...

19th July 2003 09:07

here u go

19th July 2003 08:07

we MUST kill HL2 developers! we must have EoD stay alive!!(otherwise, nobody can play the map i'm ma...

19th July 2003 08:07

The maps looking good so far... It's a valley with 1 other control point, the center of the valley....

18th July 2003 12:07

Does anybody have any nighttime skyboxes that they can give me, and also... how do i put the skybox...

18th July 2003 11:07 have fun peeps, and say thanks!

18th July 2003 11:07

Is there any way to change this?? (btw, i dont mean f9, f10 whatever, i mean looking left, right wha...

21st July 2003 00:07

Originally posted by vilramithrang Would you rather him stop flying to type, "Hey man you better ge...

24th July 2003 01:07

damn man ratdart, what kinda crap have u put up in my head

18th July 2003 06:07

ahhhhhhh yes, 56k... good times.... no not really i want my 756k back, now i'm stuck with 256k damm...

3rd August 2003 00:08

w000000!!!!! YES THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! (i'm 15 but hey... mature for my age)

20th December 2003 10:12

no... thats how an m16A-somthing works in real life(whatever model is in the game) AK 47-s have sing...

18th December 2003 09:12

my teamspeak works when it wants to.. can i join?

5th December 2003 02:12

Yah the 2nd song is "war" ... it's performed by some chinese dead guy (died as US troops invaded Ira...

4th December 2003 07:12

Jeep jumping was cool man, i remember jumping onto b17s... course i died....... but hey it was

3rd December 2003 08:12