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I love the sechy Spitfire

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I would think it would be possible. If you have ever shot a sandbag you would see sand draining out...

14th October 2004 02:10

It would be much easier to aim the top mg if the tanks turret rotation speed was limited, although t...

28th December 2004 09:12

^ had 2,000 posts 100 posts ago.

1st December 2004 19:12

^ had 2,000 posts 100 posts ago.

1st December 2004 19:12

^ had 2,000 posts 100 posts ago.

1st December 2004 19:12

Goto school you 'lard. Spa is pronounced S-pa as in Spa bath/pool.

1st December 2004 19:12

Last game played: HL2DM Imperian: Did the blackout happen in The sims or real life? :lol:

1st December 2004 22:12

^^^ I also got bored with COD plus expansion. There was too much rushing and not enough tactics for...

1st December 2004 22:12

Can you see that? If so I will post all the others.

1st December 2004 22:12

Why did they have to remove them? I remember trying it and the plane sounds were really good, they w...

1st December 2004 22:12

There is also the Liberation 1941-1945 mod

2nd December 2004 05:12

Nice job. I like it :cool:

2nd December 2004 05:12

"I hope you are well stocked up on tea bags because"...

2nd December 2004 05:12

Neighbor Kidman that is some great graphics, is that a mod for another game?,or is it a game its sel...

3rd December 2004 15:12

HeLmUt_KlAmKeWell, when i activate my settings and run ofp:Res it gives me an error "Cannot find Con...

3rd December 2004 17:12

It should be possible, After a certain amount of damage has been done the model gets replaced with a...

16th December 2004 22:12

I find it much faster than before though. Oh and I think I like my avatar and sig likes it is atm...

28th December 2004 09:12

I don't have a clue who ANY of the people are this time. The first IACGMOH I knew all of the people.

1st December 2004 14:12

Could anyone re-host them again? :deal:

8th August 2005 02:08

Thank you so much! :bows:

23rd November 2005 02:11

I want my distant sound effects back!:bawl: Now in .7 its all just silent and crappy imo.

2nd November 2005 23:11

Also why did they remove the distant explosion effects? Sample:

2nd November 2005 04:11

How can I make the "solder.camerashakefactor" default to 0?

1st November 2005 07:11

h4v0cwhen do we get FH School :D :agreed

29th October 2005 01:10

Do some/all of the anti-air flak now use proxy fuses in .7? In the version we are playing at the mom...

24th October 2005 22:10