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WHy cant they just leave Bush alone. :(

31st March 2005 10:03

I think hes a very good president. Putting up with all those critics and bush bashing idiots hes got...

15th April 2005 19:04

Q: What do you call a Ethiopian with a pickle on his head? A: A quarter pounder :lol:

21st May 2005 01:05

MrFancypantsI know. And I said you shouldn't judge from one, specific, post. Anyway, what is wrong w...

6th May 2005 22:05

I would like to hear about the enemys body count. And you think 1000 US dead is bad :rolleyes:

7th May 2005 10:05

The 1stFD, a newly created German Front Mod Only clan is recruiting! [COLOR=DarkRed]CALL OF DUTY UO...

8th May 2005 20:05

Happy B-Day Sturmbannführer!

9th May 2005 22:05

'[jobero InCogNiTo']:eek: Hopefully? I've never known any kid to not touch something that they're no...

12th May 2005 09:05

"This Browser pwns all others" muahaha

12th May 2005 21:05

Ill make this short just recently we went on a fieldtrip and one of my friends brought burban lol we...

12th May 2005 22:05

Friend of the DevilThis isn't me, but some cops were doing a presentation at my school on drugs. Th...

12th May 2005 23:05

Just go out and buy BiA.....or buy Call of Duty UO and try the GFM :p

12th May 2005 23:05

Hey you live in Pennsylvania ill just stop by your school and kick the shit outta him for ya :p

14th May 2005 00:05

Not muchyou can do without him hate'n your guts. Just dont hang around with him find new friends, bu...

14th May 2005 00:05

But still dude bash him in the head or somthing its just a little fine and a few days outta school,...

14th May 2005 00:05

Haveing a 1,000 highly trained Special Forces troops is very effective. I say the US Special Forces...

14th May 2005 00:05

Great all the admins are comming outta thieir hole. LOL

14th May 2005 01:05

jeffbrakThere seems to have been a recent surge in bloodshed and hostility in Iraq... Four Car Bomb...

6th May 2005 21:05

Hmm in the middle of lunch, take a chair walk over to the asshole and bash his head in enough not to...

14th May 2005 01:05

Sounds great. Tobad they dont make teamspeak for us Mac users :(

14th May 2005 01:05

sweaty I suppose....?

14th May 2005 01:05

Heres a simple list of what you will need to be apart of |1stFD| 1: US Citizen (Europeans are all...

14th May 2005 14:05

M1GarandSharpShooterKill Americans while being German. rather kill Russians or British, Screw that ....

15th May 2005 19:05

This topic has been discused 100times do some search'n before posting.

17th May 2005 09:05

Ok I like this girl and i dont know if she likes me in the goingout kinda like. So anyway i need hel...

17th May 2005 22:05