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Starting price- $100,000-50,000 no dought... Theirs no mistake this will be used for the next genera...

29th April 2005 00:04


19th April 2005 09:04

Well if zombies some how walked the earth one day and terrorized major cities, the Europeans are scr...

29th April 2005 00:04

-Ghost-That sounds creepy, even if it's a hoax. If we really did discover Hell beneath us, what woul...

28th April 2005 23:04

:bday: :Party2: :bdaycak:

25th April 2005 18:04

JP(NL)And people wonder why I only use MSN... :agreed :agreed

22nd April 2005 09:04

The best US Marine Sniper, with most comfirmed kills.

20th April 2005 19:04

Wrong discussion forum move it to MoH general..

19th April 2005 18:04

Change Log as of October 09 - Added Crix Madine land model (has an interesting special ability too)...

11th October 2009 17:10