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after applying 1.4 patch sp no longer works any body know why this would happen?

26th September 2004 23:09

7th October 2008 06:10

^Jimbom^ amen to that brother

23rd September 2007 05:09

Any one seen Brotherhood of war? it's a great Korean movie about the Korean war. One of my favorite...

24th October 2007 03:10

I first played the bf42 demo and loved it. and purchased it immediately when it was released. I got...

2nd November 2007 17:11

jumjum;4019317Again I notice the join dates of the people who think the devs weren't talking about t...

7th November 2007 07:11

Matthew Baker;4020206Hot Shots! (1 i think) No it's hot shots 2 Edit: silian was a few seconds fast...

7th November 2007 07:11

well I am hoping to see a release this month :uhm: I am moving to London December 3 And don't have a...

9th November 2007 20:11

Cross of iron

9th November 2007 21:11

To make it a little harder a want the real name of this film, the name the Director wanted. A plus t...

9th November 2007 22:11

hint: A quote from the film "I used to believe in many things, all of it! Now, I believe only in dyn...

10th November 2007 00:11

Real-BadSeed;4025727Well that gave it away :D A Fistful of Dynamite (Giú La Testa) Correct! And t...

10th November 2007 00:11

I know something like this has been asked before ( although I didn't find it when I searched on it)...

28th November 2007 23:11

well I didn't really mean it like there were going to be a picture of the tank whit a red dot that s...

29th November 2007 00:11

This pic was taken in france 1940.

6th October 2008 08:10

Cold!!! 3 Shermans frozen in the snow somewhere :confused: in Europa

7th October 2008 05:10

9th October 2008 06:10

will the spotter get any points for spot enemy targets?

25th August 2007 15:08

Sire_Apple;4621798That sorta looks like training to me. Yea, in second thoughts maybe it is. There w...

9th October 2008 07:10

German soldiers marching with two Russian ''Hiwis'' some where in Russia

10th October 2008 01:10

GirlsHateMe;4623531 Nice pic of the dogs wearing gas masks. Here's one more

10th October 2008 20:10

Sire_Apple;4623931Whats in that dogs mouth? It looks like a beer can with a strap on it. It's a gas...

10th October 2008 22:10

I found this two pic in another forum showing a big Nazi partyAnd this is how the location looks now...

12th October 2008 01:10

A very good pic of an German soldier giving water too an injured Russian soldier

13th October 2008 20:10

Last pic a posted was of a german soldier helping a Russian soldier. Today it's an American soldier...

15th October 2008 04:10