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i wanna start a persian gulf war mod i know theres one already being made but i havent seen any new...

22nd May 2004 10:05

mods for spearhead weapons below allies weapons- M16A2 (single shot rifle),M4 (replaces the smg), M...

23rd May 2004 23:05

fixed link on the at4 is and for the iraqi army pi...

24th May 2004 00:05

i need a 3d studio max skd plugin can some1 tell me where i can get 1??

25th May 2004 08:05

can some1 convert a file for me i found a old m16 model i made the file type is .3ds can some conver...

26th May 2004 04:05

i sent u the file

27th May 2004 02:05

i can help with the skinning

1st July 2004 09:07