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Wow.......Ummmm........Do you have the windows disk?Because if you do,then i would recommend reinsta...

18th February 2006 09:02

Hooray for mutual wub!

20th July 2006 03:07

Yay! I love buttsecks. I'll bring the butter if you bring the salami.

23rd July 2006 03:07

Umm.... Why no more people? Is the buttsecks over?

23rd July 2006 02:07

Would you care to elaborate?

22nd July 2006 20:07

So Azh, please tell our viewers, are you a slut? And if you are, whose slut are you?

22nd July 2006 20:07

JillI can't believe he raped a 11 year old girl. It is unreal. Just recently there was a thread abo...

22nd July 2006 20:07

pr0n FTW.

22nd July 2006 03:07

I wub teh gamer.

20th July 2006 03:07

Omg doublepost I hope you can forgive. Take this linky as an offering of peace.

23rd July 2006 05:07

Rookie and pc gamer wana buttsecks?

20th July 2006 03:07

0mg plz save me I dnt wanna dye save teh buttseckorz!

19th July 2006 08:07


19th July 2006 07:07

19th July 2006 07:07

But what about the cheese? Do they sell Cheese pr0n?!?!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111

19th July 2006 07:07


14th July 2006 08:07

Methinks Azh keeps his dignity in the same place he keeps his avatar.

23rd July 2006 03:07

Fight them with monies! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

23rd July 2006 05:07

Hooray for buttsecks!

12th July 2006 03:07

My dreams are mostly flashes, like the deja-vu thing you said. But I remember one vividly. I was in...

2nd August 2006 19:08

-Penis! -Penis? -A question,

13th August 2006 09:08

Brigde, it was 5 people on my side, and 1 left on OPFOR. He was ontop of the middle arch, so I toss...

12th August 2006 21:08

I have heard that the console version is more mission-based, instead of online play focused. I don't...

8th August 2006 09:08

Ok, I don't have time to go into a detailed explanation, but I'm in DOS and need to think up what th...

8th August 2006 03:08

I MUST remember the title to this song. I know some words, it goes "Don't worry, about a thing. Caus...

2nd August 2006 03:08