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because there are people who havent finishid winter assault.

11th March 2006 05:03

Imba: Imbalance, but the Videos Stats are modified, so you cant talk about balance right now.

16th July 2006 12:07

Thei Syad thei would Upload the Demo Before DC is Shiped, so you Could buy CoH and Play the Demo in...

9th August 2006 15:08

Arrrg! The Puntuaction! The Puntuaction Hurts!.

7th August 2006 14:08

well DoW and Warhammer 40k Is unrealistic, but having a Glowing Skull in your armor and saying "Hey...

5th August 2006 15:08

Imperial Guardsmen all look Diferent. Also there is the C2C Models here:

1st August 2006 16:08

May i ask, why you cant get Winrar?

1st August 2006 13:08

I still think they are some kind of terrytorial Bonus, in the Meta Map.

30th July 2006 16:07

1: Space Marines 2: Terminators 3: Avatar 4: it was fantastic! 5: yes 6: Chaplain I have nothing to...

30th July 2006 16:07

Please, use Puntuaction.

30th July 2006 16:07

yea great modd is right there still in works i dont no how long its gona take but there trying to ma...

30th July 2006 16:07

I whant it to be in the essence engine(used by Company Of Heroes) and i whant Tyranids.

19th July 2006 10:07

Tomorrow i'll get some pics of the DoW Guardsmen and the Wa Guardsmen.

16th July 2006 12:07

Is he playing Wa? hmm well i'll take it as a yes, did he out a name to the map? in the map configur...

16th July 2006 12:07

I think you mean Scar Error, it's a Bug, Play it again, if it happens again well... I'm no expert.

19th August 2006 05:08

Open the module Files of some mod, there should be some lines like: Required mod 1= WH40k Required...

16th July 2006 06:07

then why dont you buy DoW? If not, then go to the DoW Folder and be sure to delete the Mod's Files(...

16th July 2006 02:07

I dont understand in a internet Window unless you mean an Explorer window then.... Go to the Graphi...

16th July 2006 02:07

Yes thei turn like crap(Star Wars Empire at War) Also if the game is out there is no point in bothe...

16th July 2006 02:07

The Guardsmen in DoW were the PDF(Planetary Defence Force) while the ones in WA are an Invasion Forc...

16th July 2006 02:07

Why Unbeatable? the stats in the video are modified, they aren't that powerfull.

16th July 2006 02:07

When you post in a Thread like this... Oh wait. P.s: When you assume you Car is a Land Raider and...

16th July 2006 02:07

They are Eldar that insted of fighting against Slaneesh they fight for her/he/it in order to save th...

16th July 2006 02:07

Yep just Use the, icannot remember wich button, and paint impassable terrain in the walls, easy.

13th July 2006 04:07

Well you can google for a 30 day trial of photoshop.

12th July 2006 11:07