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no mas crosshair!

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downloading , is this the truly one? EDIT: nvm , it is :p

12th December 2007 14:12

FlyGuy45;4084166I may very well be speaking outta my ass here, butt: What if the binocos fired a sma...

12th December 2007 01:12

it wrking for me , an its aweomse , nice edit !!!! i just feel a bit scared about the AP mines , bad...

11th December 2007 23:12

General_Henry;4082813 this would encourage camping, someone sit near a flag, get up a rifle/riflen...

11th December 2007 14:12

i really want a cerolag's server , it give me a very litle ping , plus , the comunity is great :p

11th December 2007 13:12

Biff Exploder;4081025YEAH BAN ME!!!! oh wait i mean HIM!!! BAN HIM!!! not me... HIM!!! yeah thats it...

10th December 2007 21:12

what exactly does this exe do ? i saw that devs posted the source code in the wiki , does this ema...

10th December 2007 21:12

Ban him.

10th December 2007 20:12


10th December 2007 19:12

It Is Teh Relaese !!!!!!!

10th December 2007 18:12

a link to the torrent ! :D

10th December 2007 14:12

now that we are at it, WTH is wrong with the other forum????? cant acces since 15 =/

18th December 2010 02:12