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no mas crosshair!

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Lobo;4299049scale 4 could be used in a reasonable way for sea maps, maybe a pure air map.[/quote] i...

11th April 2008 01:04

what ?!

1st April 2008 22:04

i dont .

4th April 2008 18:04

mydjinny;4289385Forget the cross hair argument - Its been had too often, too long, a while ago. The...

4th April 2008 18:04

Sco=Chunk;4288014No offence but I think you've missed an important purpose of a crosshair, I can see...

3rd April 2008 20:04

crosshair is completaly unessesary because there is no hand-eye codination ingame , you know why? be...

3rd April 2008 13:04

it is ! firefox confirm it :D

2nd April 2008 17:04

Lobo;4285961ugh, in spanish "member" has an alternative meaning... why do you thing i put the "?" i...

2nd April 2008 17:04

this thread is full of members(?)

2nd April 2008 03:04

Flodgy;4239816 And giving the sniper rifles the ability to fire from the hip with insane precision i...

28th February 2008 20:02

or the ammunition

18th October 2008 16:10

Tedacious;4633618I would laugh. me too . in fact , i want it to happend :P

15th October 2008 20:10

tracers are heavier in game because for some silly reason DICE wanted that way , and its hardcode ....

30th September 2008 10:09

what is Dieppe? (waits death..)

5th March 2009 17:03

dont do it again

20th February 2009 13:02

bumping to show my agreement to the return of the supression effect . futher more , add supresion e...

7th February 2009 12:02

sway is eyecandy , it cant be coded like bf1942. what kievs sais its about the dispersion

28th January 2009 23:01

the PR tank sights, with a higher zoom , dont sway that much .. BUT... i like the sway in the FH2 t...

19th January 2009 11:01

IMO cap radius should be increased , you dont know how many times i was un mg covering something , t...

19th January 2009 00:01

quality of BF1942 voices is WAAAAYYYY lower than the bf2 ones , i dont really care about the epicnes...

17th January 2009 14:01

spitfire05;4763663 Am I...

11th January 2009 20:01

McGibs;4735295 So as for the argument of realism, 2d blurred sights are more realistic. they may l...

22nd December 2008 00:12

.Invictus.;4734763In real life there is focus blur. When you are aiming with a rifle (I think you've...

21st December 2008 11:12

afaik PR does have backblast when firing rpgs or at4

10th December 2008 20:12

so when somebody make a radio transmition , players near him cant hear him speaking talking , just t...

7th December 2008 21:12