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Realy nice wallpaper , think i might have it on my desktop. Are there more like this?

10th February 2003 06:02

Happens to me too...Maybe we are the only ones who have upgraded..?

18th February 2003 00:02

Damn , i think there is 2 patches. 1.02 and 1.2 I downloaded mine from ---> http://www.avault.c...

18th February 2003 07:02

I folloewd youre advice , looks like i can play it too now.!! Thanks!!

18th February 2003 14:02

I got it to work now , but now there is a new issue. I ALWAYS get cannot connect to player. And if i...

18th February 2003 21:02

When i try to eneter online multiplayer game , i get the message that i better check my internett co...

8th March 2003 04:03

"Registry corupt and has been alterd" This is what i get now...What cant i play online? Has someone...

9th March 2003 01:03

My first gaming experience was NES , nintendo 8 bit. The game that did follow was IceClimbing or cl...

22nd March 2003 22:03