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Liberian Brigadier Ensemble Regional Possums MFOYJ

7th February 2019 21:02

Posted by AlDajaPosted by FileTrekkerFor me, water is king. But I do admit to enjoying some tea ever...

7th February 2019 14:02

For cold soft drinks my fav is Dr. Pepper. Nothing goes better with a triple bacon jalapeño cheesebu...

7th February 2019 12:02

We all know NOT THE BEES AHHH AHHTRGHHBLWUHARGH MY EYES MY EYES AAAHH  and the plane wreck that was...

26th November 2018 21:11

So, I was looking at the Specific Game Forums and noticed a lot of threads are from, like before bro...

1st November 2018 17:11


6th May 2018 16:05


3rd May 2018 02:05

Screen seems brittle. I wanna get one of those wallet cases, do they protect alright? I'm mostly con...

3rd May 2018 01:05

I was gonna get the G5, but the day I was gonna pick it up, I seen on the store webpage that the G5S...

2nd May 2018 01:05

I ought to say I have been growing an immense interest in the 17th Century, and specifically so the...

2nd May 2018 01:05

Come on guys, I wanna selfie-whore a little more, but I can't do it if there's already me selfie-who...

2nd May 2018 01:05

I have @Mikey <3 it does certainly need, I just have not the time for graphicking

2nd May 2018 01:05

There's only two things I been trying to quit for years and never been able to, for some reason. Nam...

2nd May 2018 01:05

What's the difference between knowing how to read an analog and a digital? Time is fake anyway. I p...

30th April 2018 16:04

Posted by Mikey Posted by Silberio who is Lol i like the girl in the pic im gay why do i have no dp...

30th April 2018 04:04

I'VE MISSED Y'ALL is how I am

28th April 2018 16:04

"o no my pants"

27th April 2018 22:04

who is Lol i like the girl in the pic im gay why do i have no dp

27th April 2018 20:04


27th April 2018 20:04

I swear she said she was 178.

14th January 2015 18:01


15th January 2015 06:01

Granyaski;5759069We have the weapons and the power. ... And we marched day and night, by the big co...

14th January 2015 18:01

Dipship;5758979Are not really robots, they're just scripts without a physical body. Imagine if we g...

14th January 2015 18:01

A well known quote from him, often incomplete: Karl MarxReligion is the opiate of the masses... But...

15th January 2015 22:01

Have started experiencing hallucinations yet?

15th January 2015 22:01