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dont really know but i cant get a sniper rifle either ????????????? i dont think there is one

9th October 2003 15:10

thank you cookie

19th June 2004 06:06

bump ()

21st June 2004 17:06

It also stops the bleed

21st June 2004 17:06


21st June 2004 17:06


21st June 2004 17:06

2nd post !

21st June 2004 15:06

i am worthy of 2 posts !

21st June 2004 15:06

i hate to say this but the old crete was much better gameplay wise. And the matilda 1 was fun , that...

21st June 2004 15:06

his life can wait! lol jk

21st June 2004 13:06

Just make the aa with low sandbags or like d-fens explained.

21st June 2004 10:06

lol ^

20th June 2004 15:06

Yea get use to it , mabye play on a better server. Good thing fh doesnt attract as many smacktards a...

20th June 2004 09:06

This idea would simulate a front line

19th June 2004 08:06

u shake when a nade goes off by you

18th June 2004 10:06

^Well unless you have the speed controlled by ur joystick you have to tap w , (default) what would...

22nd June 2004 03:06

get really high in a plane then look at teh runway do u see anything ,?

18th June 2004 09:06

Theres also a flower at the church, the flowers dont die, either do the tombstones

18th June 2004 09:06

i just hope armin doesnt change the map where this thing spawns

18th June 2004 07:06

The slower than walking matildas pwned

18th June 2004 06:06

yea the new crete is just to slow.

18th June 2004 06:06

For every flag combo, would you have to wait to see if it spawns, or can you just keep going through...

18th June 2004 06:06

No one cares about the pink king tiger on breakthrough, it''s all about the UFO now.

17th June 2004 11:06

Welcome Who_Flung_Poo? to 2nd Panzer Division

17th June 2004 09:06


17th June 2004 06:06