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[COLOR=Blue]Springfield!! :sarrow:[/COLOR]

29th September 2004 02:09

I'm a Force User now! Whith prog did you use, Mac Daddy?

1st October 2004 02:10

You must enable the console, then type 'bot_add_ct' or 'bot_add_t' . To enable the console go to opt...

10th January 2005 18:01

I have the soundtracks of I, Robot but it's not on it. Doesn't anyone knows the title of that song?

6th January 2005 02:01

Does anyone know what the title of the song that Will Smith plays on his cdplayer at the beginning o...

3rd January 2005 17:01

When I try to join a server in Counterstrike Source, I get this message: This server is using a new...

7th November 2004 21:11


24th October 2004 23:10


23rd October 2004 15:10

I like your sig, showdown.

22nd October 2004 22:10

I've been following some tutorials for PS. These are the results. I wanted to upload more but it sai...

22nd October 2004 22:10

Based on your answers, you are most like Aragorn You were also very much like Boromir Fine by me.....

13th October 2004 22:10

Made new avantar!! Have to quit now, cya!

1st October 2004 03:10

Okay, I'm going to try to make myself a cwl avantar now! :cool:

1st October 2004 02:10

NiCe* Thank you! :)

1st October 2004 02:10

[COLOR=DimGray][COLOR=Silver][/COLOR] Hi, I'm new here. So I post something here and see how it work...

29th September 2004 13:09

If you have a better pic, BurgerBeast, share it plz.

1st October 2004 01:10

I just found it on google. :D I don't know of it any good making an signature pic from. Doing my h...

1st October 2004 01:10

Got a nice 1!! :eek:

1st October 2004 01:10

Thats a quick repley, let me think. I'd really like a silver colored dragon and lightning in it. Ill...

1st October 2004 01:10

Sorry guys, but I'm new so I don't know everthing allready.

1st October 2004 01:10

Hi, I'm new here and was just browsing the forums. I see lots of ppl have signature pics made by oth...

1st October 2004 00:10

Bitter Lemon or Ice-Tea. And something we call Drop, I don't know what it is called in English. But...

1st October 2004 00:10

I[COLOR=SlateGray] got one 2, and it runs all games out now great.[/COLOR] :)

29th September 2004 21:09

[COLOR=SlateGray]KotOR!! Because in this game you can make choices in the story line. Be good or Evi...

29th September 2004 21:09

[COLOR=SlateGray]Thanks for the replys!! I'm from Castricum NH Großadmiral Dönitz.[/COLOR] :saber:

29th September 2004 20:09
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