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Hey, I had the same problem. You should do a manual install. Ill give you the link ok an...

24th September 2004 01:09

Please dear god make this awesome for gunplay :p add some more boxes and other cover... maybe some c...

12th September 2011 13:09

looks a bit pale

9th October 2011 07:10

Didz;5563308I've made this utility just now to fix the bounding boxes of any MD3 models that were ex...

3rd October 2011 12:10

Clever o_O

2nd October 2011 17:10

Hirman;5566355good good, now lets see how animating with XSI goes ;) Hooray :D

2nd October 2011 08:10

totally possible to do with modding, in base... not so much

2nd October 2011 08:10

Mr. Wonko;5561889Uhm... He wrote Q3Map2 GUI, so I guess he uses it. ;) *facepalm* Well I feel stup...

20th September 2011 21:09

safe_malloc sucks... I wish you could clear up the memory and continue the compile. Basically reall...

18th September 2011 18:09

I reall ought to finish up my minecraft weapons pack :P

18th September 2011 16:09

Hm, I think the trees need to have some random rotation on them, I could be wrong but it looks like...

15th September 2011 07:09


13th September 2011 09:09

For the chaps, turn on hipsa_augment

13th September 2011 08:09

Pande is up camping at the moment, but when he gets back I'll link him here.

13th September 2011 08:09

jk3editor;5558279Well, I need help again :D I need chess figures, which size is something like this...

12th September 2011 11:09

but at least in Max it would be easier to animate fingers >_

10th October 2011 20:10

Needs some armor too :p

7th September 2011 20:09

In case you didn't see it over at ModDB, here's the new dev screenshot of the beautifully detailed t...

2nd September 2011 00:09

if UV Mapping and getting vehicles in game wasn't so bloody difficult I'd probably do it, but I've g...

1st September 2011 23:09

Well since we're on the subject of boats (the float-on-the-water kind :P ), I might point out that i...

1st September 2011 18:09

Inyri Forge;5554140I love that more than one person thought it was a boat, even though the first mis...

1st September 2011 09:09

eez, it's not a boat <_>

1st September 2011 05:09

you should scorch him up a little :p

30th August 2011 11:08

not worth doing a lengthy light compile, not yet anyway. looks nice, very detailed. I like it ;o

25th August 2011 07:08

you'll need to turn "on" torso_augment_off

23rd August 2011 22:08