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just a rocket

13th April 2004 01:04

Wouldnt it be so cool if there were a couple of these babies in 1940 odd:smokin:

12th April 2004 00:04

thats a bit pants that is a damn good tut

27th March 2004 21:03

Yes folks its finally here COD : GangLand it has now gone public and is up and running even the fo...

21st March 2004 22:03

ok sorry here it is i knew i forgot summit there is one 4 his arm too

23rd January 2004 20:01

if you wanna skin things like the faces and body's then you gotta open pakscape and open pak3.pk3 mo...

8th February 2004 19:02

what is your mod ???

1st March 2004 18:03

well you take your ' model.xmodel_export ' and you open asset manager choose ' xmodel ' in left view...

25th February 2004 05:02

all you do is get your new sounds renamed like you said you have done , open the right .pk3 file whi...

25th February 2004 03:02

sounds pretty good to me

25th February 2004 01:02

Explain the process you used to get that far

25th February 2004 01:02

You can download my female skin at im under cpt.manner on there

25th February 2004 01:02

how do we get weapon models ingame ?? i followed a tutorial on but still no weapo...

20th February 2004 19:02

there are loads of tutorials on the milkshape website

19th February 2004 07:02

Eagle_EyeMy clan is need of a skinner. All we know how to do is play the game, we know nothing about...

13th February 2004 20:02

Yes but you CAN get a windows version and i prefer it to programs like paintshop

11th February 2004 07:02

can any one tell me of any tutorials on modeling a weapon in milkshape ??

5th February 2004 00:02

what is your mod ???

1st March 2004 18:03

you have to download the .dds plugin aslo search for that on google once thats done to open the skin...

5th February 2004 00:02

just use google to search for them they are all over the net

4th February 2004 21:02

ye thats ok but if you really wanna get goin on skins then you should use THE GIMP its brilliant !!!...

4th February 2004 18:02

hey all has the first female skin for sp cod cpt.manner i think posted a screen sh...

30th January 2004 19:01

i have nade first female skin for cod but cant upload it because this forum site wont let me delete...

30th January 2004 18:01

if some one is willing to send me photos of them from the font view and both side views then i will...

27th January 2004 05:01

i will give you some info once you have downloaded the programs you need which are - pakscape / pain...

24th January 2004 21:01