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I just pray that we can survive that long.

8th July 2005 10:07

Ok if coffee and tea had a fight, coffee would beat the shit out of tea.

9th July 2005 00:07

dammit you guys drowned the babe in beer.

9th July 2005 02:07

The game was made for the multiplayer. If you want campaign based games, the Battlefield series is n...

9th July 2005 05:07

Smitty's on the "to kill" list now.

8th July 2005 10:07

smoke less weed.

8th July 2005 10:07

I agree with you guys, most of the girls that I've been involved with have ended up being what you g...

8th July 2005 07:07

Start selling drugs. I hear they're making marijuana legal in Canada anyway.

8th July 2005 07:07

this thread is almost as long as my schlong.

8th July 2005 10:07

Now your 8,890. You ruined it!!

8th July 2005 09:07

Can I still wear my man thong?

8th July 2005 09:07

Moo. Mooooo0oo.

8th July 2005 09:07

We're doomed now. That quadruple 8 was our last hope.

8th July 2005 09:07

only maximum acceleration

9th July 2005 20:07

would you guys be at all interested in joining my clan and heading a European division?

27th May 2005 18:05

haha your tag is Ass| hahahaha

7th June 2005 18:06

I say we take all the garbage from the dumps in Staten Island and New Jersey and dump them on the No...

26th May 2005 18:05

google "cd key changer for BFV" find an appropriate link and download the cd key changer now ru...

26th May 2005 18:05

ok well its been a few days can somebody please make this banner?

12th May 2005 18:05

thank you

24th May 2005 15:05

contact me on xfire: tap112 email: [email=""][/email]

25th May 2005 16:05

Correction the website is

26th May 2005 17:05

I suggest playing in a clan. It gives you a group of guys to play with and even when you're not play...

25th May 2005 20:05

gangstarr, you're to hard on yourself dude, I think that sig is pimp. Just fix the name.

26th May 2005 17:05

Hey, check us out soon moving to We have a couple...

24th June 2005 12:06