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Horny I am. Off jack I will.

19th July 2005 13:07

Shut up Riles. We were too busy saving Europe's ass to bother fighting any wars on our home soil....

19th July 2005 14:07

WOW, X-C. You gave me negative rep for this: Tap112Gasoline is more expensive than you think my lit...

19th July 2005 15:07

I concur.

19th July 2005 16:07

Seriously though, tell me you're not turned on Just check out these boots!

19th July 2005 17:07

Mack on a camel...Or Mack in a dress...

19th July 2005 13:07

7/10 I like the color

18th July 2005 21:07

Santa? Where? I want a present.

18th July 2005 11:07

can i pull his beard?

18th July 2005 15:07

Kalashnikov AK-47thats me ladies and gents! yea I know what your saying. well said:nodding:[/QUOTE]Y...

18th July 2005 12:07

I agree to an extent. I've seen some video footage of these gun owners conventions. These people are...

18th July 2005 12:07

Now I'm not telling you.

18th July 2005 14:07

Forget about America not being free, the entire world would be completely different. Europe would ne...

18th July 2005 14:07

What I really want to know is... Is Harry Potter doing the nastay with Ron Weasley?

18th July 2005 14:07

i want a pet monkey

18th July 2005 15:07

Gasoline is more expensive than you think my little X-C.

18th July 2005 18:07

We're a fun group of guys looking to expand our community. We played BF1942 (still do!) and are now...

11th July 2005 12:07

Ok, I pulled an all-nighter for like the 6th time in a week. Need some coffee. Bad.

11th July 2005 11:07

Post jokes in here! I'll start: Actual Court Transcripts: -------------------------- Q. Did yo...

11th July 2005 11:07

*sorry for double post* I think I gave a bad link to the image I tried to post above, here's the rig...

11th July 2005 13:07

AzHWow, what a bunch of fucking idiots. They even fight like retards. Too many Bruce Lee films and v...

11th July 2005 13:07

Ensign RilesYou are correct. Palpatine: I've been working on this for quite some time......

11th July 2005 14:07

Here's some stories for you children: and Gretel...

11th July 2005 09:07


11th July 2005 09:07

You have a gigantic penis? Where? Your mouth or your rectum? Both?

11th July 2005 16:07