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Hey guys, it's been awhile, but I've recently had a great idea I think we can get done through the s...

13th September 2005 01:09

You certainly have enough work credit to charge royalties. What do you normally get payed when you w...

9th November 2005 08:11

Lucky. I've been remastering alot of Orphic Endeavors' music in film style lately, you can hear it a...

1st November 2005 02:11

I'm gonna ask to work for Bonnie "Orphic Endeavors" Gardiner. -=sB=-

3rd November 2005 09:11

Thanks, right now she's just got me redubbing some of her songs in film style. -=sB=- With an or...

4th November 2005 02:11

Sweet. I gotta go listen to some of your music, see why your so popular at only 9 months in the indu...

5th November 2005 02:11

Yeah, horror music! -=sB=-

8th November 2005 02:11

Heh. Well, let me know how that goes. -=sB=-

8th November 2005 03:11

I haven't been able to get on the internet at home. I got grounded, and my stepdad was working on it...

9th November 2005 02:11

Ooh Saving Private Ryan was good, so I'll be sure to keep an eye out for Recon 7 Down. -=sB=-

10th November 2005 02:11

Good advice. I'm working on getting all my music hosted. So far my most popular song is an arrangeme...

18th October 2005 00:10

Yeah, in what way, anyway? Oh, nvm, no trailers released yet, you can't really let on to that info c...

10th November 2005 03:11

Sweet. Can't wait for the trailer! -=sB=-

10th November 2005 04:11

HELLZ YES!!! I just got "The Movies"!!! I've been waitin' forever for this game!!! Maybe I'll ask...

11th November 2005 03:11

Well, first off, make sure you play through the tutorials and main game before you start mucking aro...

13th November 2005 07:11

No, that feature wasn't mentioned in depth, but it's still there. When you install the game, include...

13th November 2005 07:11

Yes, we're mainly advertising our skills to be used in mods.

14th November 2005 06:11

Wow, you're set for work for a while. Shouldn't be a boring year. I'm working with Christian Pacaud...

19th November 2005 02:11

Work FOR you? -=sB=-

28th October 2005 08:10

Oh, yeah. Already made that mistake.

17th October 2005 21:10

T.T u mean I have to move all that to another forum?!

13th September 2005 01:09

Right well, nobody from MGS1 or 2 except for Snake, were on the GBC port. We're using Grave's Snake...

18th September 2005 06:09

nope, this is my first in a few years, thx anyway

13th September 2005 01:09

could ya link me? not sure if I'm in the right forums anymore......, :lookaround:

13th September 2005 01:09

oh ok whew...., anyway, everybody ignore these last few post and please go straight to the top ^, i...

13th September 2005 02:09
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