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Could anyone rig and export these models for me please? I don't have programs to export 2 .glm and s...

20th July 2008 21:07

Yeah, I know.. he looks a bit skinny <.< But honestly, I can't get him any buffer without eff...

16th May 2009 19:05

Well, I don't know how to get it any better, really.

15th May 2009 09:05

Spoiler: Show

15th May 2009 20:05

Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show

15th May 2009 20:05

Ok, update. Got the blades ingame Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show...

17th May 2009 17:05

Hey, I made this model. I want it ingame. Could someone help me please? Spoiler: Show

30th August 2009 18:08

DiNeRo;4991268make it not look like crap and ill do it Textures aren't finished yet <.

30th August 2009 20:08

"THIS IS GAME" They should change it to "THIS IS RIPOFF"

7th July 2009 16:07

There's already a WIP Star Wars mod for HL2. Star Wars : The New Era mod for Half-Life 2 - Mod DB

9th July 2009 03:07

so.. what do you think about my models? =p

20th July 2008 22:07

OK, I've made some weapon models but two of them crashes the game... I've tried to fix it though......

26th November 2008 21:11

Ah, yeah.. nvm then :)

16th August 2008 10:08

I need rigger for this model I made. It's a simple funny-ish cartoony model so.. well, see for yours...

18th August 2008 18:08

Maverick050598;4513938I would try to get ahold of Last Wish. I think she'd do it for you. And, if it...

18th August 2008 19:08

This is what the weapon looks like:

19th August 2008 13:08

Last Wish;4515365:lookaround: what me?, why? sure I'll help you. just wait a week. I got another m...

19th August 2008 15:08


22nd August 2008 21:08

would be cool if someone made a shadowtrooper reskin of it, but the crystal is a problem though

26th October 2008 17:10

looks nice :) But the visor... it should be red. the korean version is that color

27th October 2008 21:10

playerModel rancor_green maybe?

13th November 2008 14:11


26th November 2008 21:11

Maps* not missions. I thought JK4 would be a source mod.. not a game >.

14th August 2008 13:08

It worked. Thx for the tip :) By the way, how do I make a transparent texture? (for a model)

26th November 2008 21:11

Thanks for the help :) w00t! no more white plate thingy around the texture... I needed a transparent...

27th November 2008 14:11