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I don't agree with such a statement that barely any fires were shot in the invasion of Poland. My co...

29th September 2004 04:09

I think this topic is entirely pointless the guy has only said two things the whole time so i think...

7th February 2008 12:02

oh yes...yes it is

30th June 2008 07:06

Time to go do it again!!!

29th June 2008 15:06

azzabob;4401514My little tip to you all: Do not make a whole gang with rocket launchers, thats your...

28th June 2008 09:06

unseen_assassin;4328153I just finished reading the last post on this forum and thought i'd sign up a...

6th May 2008 13:05

yeah it was dead as soon as the Psycho Thread Creator said his last post

29th March 2008 21:03

Kill The Teletubies!!

21st March 2008 22:03

i want shepard to come out of statis and the company from portal will have alot to do with Ep3 I al...

12th November 2007 23:11

I agree his employers:deal: are probaly some aliens not yet shown in the game

14th May 2007 14:05

note: the gman has something in his suitcase all the time when you do noclip it changes sometimes so...

24th June 2007 07:06

i think he means more of a seperate game not like playing HL2 as rts but as a seperate game

24th June 2007 07:06

a goverment agent with super powers

25th May 2007 15:05

lukedommo;3625789We have almost reached our 4000 views count WOOHOO lets make it to a million ;) kee...

15th May 2007 15:05

Mr. Matt;2774082'This whole universe' existed many years before either a game or a movie was ever ma...

15th May 2007 14:05

hehe i once did it was creepy as hell I woke up and then there was a zombie fowllowing me around and...

14th May 2007 14:05

of course whoever his employers where they must have something REALLY against the combine

14th May 2007 14:05

Master of the Saber;4044412I thought that I can play missions normally with San Andreas too. But it'...

29th October 2008 22:10