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25th August 2004 13:08

no single multiplayer is better there is no lag in multiplayer.

20th March 2006 10:03

The logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard is preaty good i have it and i love it its got 18 extra keys and a...

18th March 2006 16:03

I dont know why but this game lags for me. Look down at my signature my 2) pc's meets the requiremen...

18th March 2006 16:03

I dont think its a 64 problem.It sounds like a heating problem do you have good cooling? It might be...

18th March 2006 16:03

Do you have the latest updates for your video card? I hade the same problem before and it was that I...

18th March 2006 16:03

I have been playing battlefield for about 2 months now and since the beginning of march i play in ra...

19th March 2006 08:03

i have tried about 50 other server my still wont go up or my global score. i Have gotten the basic c...

20th March 2006 01:03

i do finish my rounds. I think mabye my acount is screwd and the stats wont add up

20th March 2006 06:03

Yes Band of Brothers is now recuiting we are not looking for experienced players.If you want any mor...

20th March 2006 10:03

K, But I am putting it up but if i want it at 2.4 what do i put it at in BIOS?

18th March 2006 11:03

I cant make my mind on these 2 cards people tell me the 7600 Gt is better and people tell me the 780...

20th March 2006 12:03

I have a budget of about 400 and mabye 450.

20th March 2006 20:03

the problem is that 400 Canadian and i have a 500 w aspire PSU that came with my X navigator

20th March 2006 21:03

ya and this one is for my AMD

21st March 2006 01:03

k thanks for all the help I will purchase is tonight from NCIX (best canadian Prices)

21st March 2006 04:03

i am realy looking at the 7900 gt but i dont know. That 7800 gt it preaty good 2. i just don't know...

21st March 2006 07:03

I got the 400$ by working very hard at a Mc Donalds. right now I spent every pay check on my pc. and...

21st March 2006 11:03

My friend has this preaty old dell and looking for a new video card. He has a AGP slot but i dont kn...

22nd March 2006 12:03

K, Thanks for all the help.

18th March 2006 12:03

here is a pic of the first night I build my pc. i have it more organized now and diffrent CPU fan.

18th March 2006 11:03

hmmm nt edition? a special patched version? no i dont have it and i don t know how to get. but thanx...

25th August 2004 14:08

Well i got P4 With ht 3.4 Ghz nVidia Geforce 6800 Gt (256 mb) 1.5 Gb of ram (DDR2 PC2-4200 @ 533 M...

27th October 2005 02:10

anyone got or know a cps3 emulator? i am very big fan of street fighter3:naughty:

25th August 2004 15:08

Ya, I just installed Battlefield 2 Patch - Client (1.03) and the game wont work it just starts then...

24th October 2005 02:10
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