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Hey my name's Trevor. Southern California Listen to Ska and Punk Play alot of games on Steam 15 y...

27th September 2009 20:09


20th May 2010 02:05

You go to the bathroom to take a massive dump and you piss first and then you take a massive shit an...

18th May 2010 22:05

Epic fucking gravedig win.

20th May 2010 01:05

Herr Klugscheisser;4962065Sooooo .... you want a dog to run around like a human? Trinity posted a sk...

20th May 2010 05:05

Male, I prefer PC, but I have nothing against my 360.

18th May 2010 09:05

Sadim-Al-Bouncer;5321355Lame thread is lame. This could've been avoided with a lock! :mad:

20th May 2010 15:05

osenorman;5320761My first gun I bought new I got just this past Christmas. It's a DPMS AR-15 AP4 Car...

20th May 2010 20:05

I just saw the episode of the Simpsons this evening that has the guy in your sig in it. Skorpio. :gr...

22nd May 2010 12:05

Also, verify your email. If you do, it will be near impossible for them to maintain your account and...

24th May 2010 23:05

Far Cry 2 would be badass with some adaptions. If they completely just copied the Brothers in Arms...

25th May 2010 22:05

My mom's got an autographed T-shirt with Dio's signature on it.

18th May 2010 10:05

Stratopwn3r;5319717I think he should get an R700, mod the shit out of it till it's firing 600+ FPS....

18th May 2010 01:05

Wow, I wish I would've seen this thread last night. -.-

11th May 2010 01:05

Just went out airsofting (didn't get my new vest yet though due to some shipping complications). Her...

11th May 2010 02:05

Stratopwn3r;5315681Is that a SCAR? I can't really tell. Im gonna order an ASGI G4-A3 soon and a KSC...

11th May 2010 11:05

Stratopwn3r;5316291What make? What do you mean? Btw, I got my new vest today and it PWNS!

12th May 2010 08:05

-Raz0r-;5317454Actually, I do have an excuse. 5 fucking gigs? What the hell. I doubt the game is 5gb...

13th May 2010 21:05

haKZ;5317575I believe he means brand, i.e. CA, JG, Echo1. Oh, yea. It's an Echo1. Lot's up upgrades...

14th May 2010 12:05

roaming east;5318698sold all my airsoft ages ago. Had a sun m249 though star m249?

16th May 2010 05:05

16th May 2010 05:05

NiteStryker;5325617 :dread2: :anime:

27th May 2010 11:05

Drivers and try syncing the colors with nVidia CP?

10th May 2010 23:05

Pwned by copyrights.

15th June 2010 05:06

Counter Strike 1.6.

15th June 2010 05:06