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I dont know if i have missed this or not, but i think it it would be cool if the more damage a plane...

15th January 2006 14:01

thats so sad he was really cool loved his shows, at least he died in a peacefull state of mind doing...

5th September 2006 06:09

*sigh* maybe its something big tomorrow

3rd October 2006 08:10

Well this one time i think it might have been battle of britain but im not sure,well anyways i got i...

3rd October 2006 07:10

playing FH while the eating a nice heaping plate of top ramen, while military channel plays in the b...

3rd October 2006 06:10


30th September 2006 13:09

the s-word is about to hit the fan

22nd September 2006 06:09

welp, i like to skate so thats the skate part. The second part is my board the company is named zero...

21st September 2006 21:09


19th September 2006 21:09

fanfuckingtastic i just came

19th September 2006 06:09

great, now everyone in the universe knows about the fake PB icon :rolleyes: (sarcasm)

14th September 2006 08:09

its true, feel free to quote me

10th September 2006 11:09

uhh they police the world

9th September 2006 12:09


9th September 2006 11:09

Halo 2 :rock: Does not look like Theres going to be a homefront 2 :uhm:

5th September 2006 06:09

allrighty time to bust out another poll on yo asses, yeah its pretty self explanitory EDIT: oops i...

26th August 2006 15:08

lol FH2 had 4 times what 2nd place had, oh well any other websites where FH2 can crush all other mod...

6th October 2006 06:10

26th August 2006 15:08

Master Chief!! :0wned:

25th August 2006 08:08

lollie the moon

23rd August 2006 04:08

scarface is sick

23rd August 2006 04:08

one time i was fishing, and uh umm on the way back i was falling asleep and thats all i could think...

21st August 2006 08:08 Teletubies and carebares play paintball to save the world!!! YaY!!

14th August 2006 14:08

i think it would be off teh hook if when you die and your not critically wounded, the screen goes co...

14th August 2006 14:08

uhmm point of existance

13th August 2006 13:08