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Sup all, just made this new clan called World Domination or -=WD=- for Enemy Territory and I need so...

24th June 2005 21:06

It is too late for me! His fate will be the same as ours

15th November 2009 21:11

how do i take pictures of maps?:confused::uhm::Puzzled: so that when i submit i have a pic.

28th November 2009 03:11

ok found it but if i have the eaw extractor that wont wor for foc will it?

28th November 2009 03:11

on the mtdt i had to redownload it and move it to another computer so ..... if that helps.:sleep...

24th November 2009 02:11

ok, i found musicevents.xml.............. now how do i put the music files there?:):uhm: ps. t...

23rd November 2009 02:11

under what i'm pretty much a noob so, i went to the one with music, speech, movies a...

20th November 2009 08:11

oh i know dang teachers! thankyou all who helped

20th November 2009 08:11

i don't think i need it any more but i will check into to it thank you.... hehe

20th November 2009 08:11

where is the xml file called music events.xml i could only fid music file:naughty::bawl:

19th November 2009 07:11


15th November 2009 21:11

it aint actually too bad some of the stuff is a bit stupid though.. youre right aqbout the dialoge a...

7th December 2009 03:12

oh so then there would be no mods right?

15th November 2009 21:11

yeah got to be data/art data/art/Texture data art/models

15th November 2009 21:11

hey what IS vanilla Eaw?

15th November 2009 21:11

i still play i just got the game in june 09....

15th November 2009 02:11

ANd then you will die ________- emperor Force unleashed there is a disturabance in the force... as...

11th November 2009 09:11

:smokin::nodding: which faction did you complete first? :sleep: i completed empire,consorti...

10th November 2009 09:11

whatd you downlooad? oh do you have modlauncher?

10th November 2009 08:11

thank you people i figured out how to finaaly do that i'd say! seriously .... thanks hehehehehehehe...

10th November 2009 08:11

on sims2 where do i put outfits after i download them ?! what folder in where?:bawl::o

9th November 2009 05:11

ok cuz i put all the music stuff in foc but used the eaw extrator

29th November 2009 00:11

obiwan wisdom and good favorite, luke awesome and mace windu- cool

10th December 2009 05:12


8th November 2009 23:11

:bawl::lulz::eek:Had Yoda not intervened (in Aotc) would Dooku hav been able to defeat both kenobi a...

11th October 2010 03:10