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I use the same thing but Use / melt is 'E' and Second attack is RMB. Just get really used to your bu...

11th July 2007 09:07

Welcome to FileFront gaming forums :) Have fun around!

22nd October 2007 04:10

Is that any good?

22nd October 2007 08:10

5/10 Not really my kind of sig, sorry.

22nd October 2007 08:10

10/10, of course.

22nd October 2007 08:10

Nice move :)

22nd October 2007 08:10

That's quite original and also really good. Really nice.

22nd October 2007 07:10

Something random I just made :

22nd October 2007 05:10

I like yours a lot Admiral Antilles. Simple.. But really nice. GJ

22nd October 2007 04:10

lol. The last mission. I shot the helicopter 3 times with the Grenade launcher. After that, I got o...

23rd October 2007 02:10

Yep :) Can't wait.. I don't know why but last week there was no episode.

22nd October 2007 02:10

Turtlefuzz;3989433Neither did I! That was totally accidental! Haha :lol: well.. that's scary actu...

21st October 2007 04:10

Would like to die old.. Around 75-85.. and of course I will still in good shape.

21st October 2007 03:10

Ok. Will work on that later today probably.

20th October 2007 22:10

Hope you'll like it.. Here's version 1 : Spoiler: Show And Version 2 : Spoiler: Show

20th October 2007 10:10

nvm... I see them now. My internet connection is really fucked and slow at the moment and images wer...

20th October 2007 09:10

I don't see the images :(

20th October 2007 09:10

Well 2 days ago I finished Soldier of Fortune 2 : Gold Edition (talking about Single player missions...

22nd October 2007 08:10

If I had the PSD, I could just move the text to the center and put the guy from FarCry 2 on the left...

23rd October 2007 02:10

Welcome to FileFront Gaming Forums lifehole9. Make sure to read the The Gaming Forums Guidelines bef...

20th October 2007 09:10

9/10 - See you a lot..

26th October 2007 03:10

Thanks! :)

27th October 2007 03:10

[COLOR=Black]Yea I know I could do that, but I don't always play in the same servers so I would have...

27th October 2007 03:10

6/10 because the userbars are animated..

26th October 2007 07:10

Welcome to FileFront Gaming Forums. Have fun around and welcome aboard!

26th October 2007 03:10