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Hi this is SLoPPyJoE, im not new to the forums i just changed my name from KiLLJoY because i dont pl...

29th April 2004 02:04

"Your such a G-man!" or "I'm these ho's G-man" G-man meaning- PIMP

2nd June 2004 15:06

oooh... can i be in your stunt vid dukington?

11th June 2004 10:06

you look at too much porn, :naughty: hehe j/k... dont let the wife know... :p

11th June 2004 10:06

Thank you for your constructive help. :rolleyes:

11th June 2004 06:06

Could someone please explain to me step by step by step, EXACTLY how to get Forgotten Hope (.61) Thi...

11th June 2004 05:06

you can show them...................................... i think

4th June 2004 06:06

...started screeching like a little girl when he heard the ice cream man coming and...

4th June 2004 06:06

... but it wasnt...

2nd June 2004 22:06

...Then he decided to get a mohawk...

2nd June 2004 15:06

"I'm growning a Gabe Newel." Gabe Newel- new name for a wierd type mullet haircut

1st June 2004 01:06

I already did a VALVe one!

11th June 2004 10:06

it seemed like it shot flares

1st June 2004 01:06

"I'm "VALVe'ing" my retirment plan." -VALVe'ing meaning- delaying it for a year. :D

31st May 2004 05:05

:goatse: <<<---- Uhhh what the hell is this doing in the smilies?? :lol:

29th May 2004 08:05 he asks for an autograph and...

28th May 2004 20:05


28th May 2004 20:05

wtf are you guys talking about?!?! LOL

28th May 2004 20:05

...where he hopes to find the g-man and...

28th May 2004 20:05

ohhh nik, wake upppppppppp. z z z z z z

28th May 2004 20:05

lol... we should warship gabe. and as far as nik goes... do as you please. :naughty: hehe. BTW nik h...

28th May 2004 20:05

Politics? Who likes politics? I say no for politics... yes for BF1942!

11th June 2004 10:06 he used his manipulator to pull the door off the bentley and...

11th June 2004 23:06

DC2002, although I dont really like the script, i would love to be in your film. My parents are divo...

28th May 2004 13:05

....who were highly trained in karate and were armed with ninja stars...

22nd June 2004 02:06