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I'd like to see the Cardassian starbase look like the Nor class stations. (Deep Space Nine is an ex...

18th August 2002 02:08

Odfs- for tweaking the ships. The thing is, I can't find the .odf files in the Armada directory!

27th September 2002 23:09

I attempted to install the Centuar-class starship and followed the instructions to the letter. When...

2nd November 2002 07:11

I have! I didn't have it before I patched the game, though. :-/

29th October 2002 03:10

Well, once you alt-click and name the point camera_1, camera_2, and so on, and then set the number o...

27th October 2002 19:10

Um, hit CTRL-R and look over to the side. It has little drop-down menus to set how many players you...

24th October 2002 22:10

I can't get any maps besides regular-play maps to work. Am I putting them in the wrong directory? I...

24th October 2002 22:10

Alright, thanks! :)

28th September 2002 17:09

How do you edit A1 files? I've been trying to find a mod program, but Armada's aging and any google...

27th September 2002 00:09

Too bad...I remember many battles where I've assimilated/took over an enenmy construction ship and s...

18th August 2002 02:08

No..Force Commander was a RTS (a rather good plot, but bad game). SFC III will be more of a simulat...

21st September 2002 18:09 didn't mention anything other than the camers, which I AM doing right. Oh well.

22nd August 2002 23:08

True, a lot of missions have a glass ceiling...very frustrating. I wish they'd give you the whole te...

22nd August 2002 01:08

I don't need to do that..odd.

21st August 2002 19:08

Ooh, okay, but what about for the A1 editor? Does it work the same way?

21st August 2002 18:08

I'm asking this here because I don't think there's a site like this for Armada 1 maps and stuff......

18th August 2002 16:08

Yes, if you want to edit the title, hit Ctrl-R. :)

18th August 2002 16:08

That's noraml, don't worry. :)

9th November 2002 23:11