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striderx2048you know the problems withh GL in DC. Don't you see the same thing happening in this cas...

9th August 2003 18:08

Archangel85would the lightning and the tornados do damage? No thay dont do damage I dont think you w...

11th August 2003 18:08

well i added you to my list not that have any expectations of becoming a beta tester ive been on the...

13th August 2003 12:08

Yeah i remember Blistex Me and him go way back

13th August 2003 12:08

mmm nice work

15th August 2003 20:08

'LIGHTNING [NL']The allies did not get any shermans ashore on omaha! All DD shermans sunk due to bad...

15th August 2003 20:08

So thay will have about 11 positions including the driver?

17th August 2003 10:08

I agree with you Alakazou it adds a much nicer feel to the game But have you seen the ac-130 in DC?...

17th August 2003 11:08

Im not sure what the one is like in mohaa But if its anything like the one in ET then good The dc mo...

17th August 2003 13:08

Yeah robot hitler You know like the one in wolfenstine 3D

19th August 2003 15:08

Got omaha?

20th August 2003 12:08

Finish it on verteran then go play BF Its just so... boring

1st September 2003 13:09