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ok i'll miss you soo much. i hope you have fun :rolleyes:

5th May 2004 22:05

thnx fur da nfo.

5th May 2004 22:05

wait they are seriously in favor of communism? Please guys, Communism only works on paper. In prac...

5th May 2004 20:05

nice pics what do those kids have in there hands in the first pic? (those little circles)

5th May 2004 01:05

t0m, you are not an advanced member and Spartan why did you post that? FAQAn Advanced Member is a...

4th May 2004 22:05

you do know that it will erase your whole hard drive right?

4th May 2004 20:05

every news station is biased

4th May 2004 19:05

Spyder F-16NVidia may have the Speed factor with the new GeForce6800, but ATI is supposed to release...

4th May 2004 02:05

"I own him"- Col. Burton in Generals "Deutchlands (sp?) Finest."- Tank destroyer in Ra2 basically an...

4th May 2004 02:05

Destroyer25;5190375Pre Desert Storm I believe Iraq had the 6th largest army on earth. Ofc 90% the tr...

6th January 2010 20:01