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hmm, my last suggestion was rangefinder to spot for arty in some tanks, anyone up for discuison?

27th January 2009 19:01

i really dont like "real gun impact sounds and bullets passing by ur head", as some games has, they...

2nd February 2009 08:02

oh.. that one i do like, yes i do, i like flames.. lots of em... flaaaameees:naughty: id like to buu...

1st February 2009 19:02

hmm yes yes, but then back to the idea for artillery spotting

28th January 2009 19:01

or just a commander spot in the tank, there is more than only 2men in a real Jagdpanther for instanc...

28th January 2009 12:01

it would be nice to see, and then maybe more people will actually spot for arty, as i have only seen...

28th January 2009 08:01

oh ok, still a sexy tank<3

28th January 2009 08:01

27th January 2009 19:01

i mean, i love playing on the german side, and i belive its a bit unfair that the US have it, and no...

3rd February 2009 02:02

what about the Möbelwagen? there is no shields defending the gunner from enemy fire, so a well place...

27th January 2009 19:01

best forum, period<3

27th January 2009 02:01


26th January 2009 23:01

i must agree, 88 would be murder

26th January 2009 22:01


26th January 2009 22:01

u all hate mee!!!!!

26th January 2009 22:01

then i have another great idea for the rangefinder! lets make it owrk to spot for arty!!!:D

26th January 2009 22:01

this thread is to the Devs. just a simple question. as the u guys have made an american FT, there w...

3rd February 2009 02:02

u are crushing my dreams :c

3rd February 2009 03:02

Hi, once again me and my funny ideas.. Rangefinders this time!!:bows: i have this nice 1/48 Jagdpa...

26th January 2009 20:01

well atleast, it should be allot more dirt shoting from the ground when a HE shell from a plane hits...

21st February 2009 04:02

commander should be aveible to point out targets from the command map (the mapthat shows when using...

1st March 2009 04:03

i really would like to see pantherturm and PZ4turm whit protecting shields/whitout, and not to forge...

25th February 2009 05:02

that really would have been a nice fix, like in battlegroup frontlines.. :D and, is there possible...

25th February 2009 05:02

i cant remember, i am very itchy at small details like that, and its been a good while simce i looke...

23rd February 2009 07:02

to be honest, when FH wasnt realesed, i managed to get that leaked version.. (please dont hang me fo...

23rd February 2009 06:02