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same here eod doesnt work with 1.4 if u have it installed. but even before 1.4 this happened to me a...

13th June 2003 02:06

lmao sumtimes when im in buildings there are little pink squares on the walls

16th July 2003 23:07

I deserve one too how about you buy me one? :nodding:

4th February 2005 07:02

ok thanks guys on a side note sorry im prolly being annoying but its "knowledgeable"

1st February 2005 10:02

k thx

31st January 2005 11:01

ahh comon who plays sp? lol but could sum1 gimme advice on the second question?

31st January 2005 09:01

Hey I have a couple questions. First of all here are my specs: P4 2.0Aghz 256x2 DDR 2700 3.0 CAS G4...

31st January 2005 09:01

the belkin nostromo n50 or n52 work quite well for just about any game

7th February 2004 05:02

this is the easiest reply ive ever had to doGet the sSoundblaster Audigy2 ZS its the best sound out...

31st January 2004 22:01

incendintary nades yipee woops i better go map a key for it..

3rd December 2003 07:12

same here.. they womt reply to my emails

17th November 2003 06:11

little late?

8th November 2003 04:11

same here musta been at least 2 hours... so gay GOD I COULD JUST o nevermind.....

8th November 2003 04:11

i just finished friggin recon level and it wouldnt friggin connect and NOW I GET TO DO IT ALLL OVER!...

8th November 2003 03:11

dont worry about that i get it too when im flying theres like big squares missing. I have a g4 ti42...

16th July 2003 22:07

all you have to do is go to your battlefield1942 folder and move the movies folder somewhere else or...

15th June 2003 04:06

lmao sorry about that my email is [email][/email]...

13th July 2003 05:07

[TEG] is looking for 1 pilot 2 assaulters (medic\assault) 3 soldiers for the tank division 1 command...

13th July 2003 05:07

hehe i could never find that bayonet either duh thanks

12th July 2003 20:07

YAY good for you tker :spank: :moon: :smack: :fistpunch: :confused: :barf:

12th July 2003 00:07

The Death Stalkers Elite Guard is recruiting. We are looking for primarily U.S. players who can be a...

11th July 2003 22:07

The Death Stalkers Elite Guard is recruiting. We are looking for primarily U.S. players who can be...

11th July 2003 11:07

cool that would be great thanks for the reply :D

9th July 2003 18:07

lmao ur welcome :smack:

9th July 2003 09:07

o nm then lol but there still might be a setting like that search around in your sound options :fist...

9th July 2003 09:07
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