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yeah, that thing is supposed to be in your mods folder. it is there so that once you get more mods y...

11th December 2002 12:12

Of course civilian casualties were high in WWII, ****** ordered his bombers to target civilians duri...

11th December 2002 13:12

why did h i t l e r get asterisked??:confused:

11th December 2002 13:12

strewth, it's ridiculous.:mad: :mad: ;)

12th December 2002 13:12

Not all of us can afford high speed internet. here it costs NZ$70 a month for Jetstream, the most co...

12th December 2002 14:12

Mine does the same thing with the white squares. When you use a machinegun emplacement there are als...

15th December 2002 11:12

I have sniped someone as they taxied. It is not hard if you get them before they start to accelerate...

16th January 2003 08:01

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ;)

16th January 2003 08:01

i can't play online at all at home, so i know how you feel. Bots are still a challenge if you make t...

16th January 2003 08:01

what?? this was supposed to be a reply and now I can't delete it.

16th January 2003 08:01

repair pads in enemy bases should only repair enemy-driven tanks. This would completely stop people...

16th January 2003 08:01