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Hungarian Femaru m.37, i just happened to have my copy of "waffen im 1. und 2. weltkrieg" open on th...

3rd December 2006 23:12

Meh, 300 is a fair price i guess, depends on the state and if the numbers are the same. I myself am...

21st December 2006 03:12

Versuchsflakwagen fur 88mm Flak 37 L/56? -edit1- oh no, that can't be it, 3 were produced. -edit2-...

21st November 2006 22:11

Also known as PansarVärnsLuftVärnskanon m/40 (PVLV). ;)

25th November 2006 18:11

Nothing beats a roadkill burger ;).

25th November 2006 18:11

Maybe you could give a hint, like say wich country it's from.

25th November 2006 16:11

Prototype of the AK-47?

24th November 2006 03:11

Strange that this one only has 4 roadwheels instead of the usual 5. :confused:

23rd November 2006 03:11

foodmaniac2003;3377102Dang, this ones hard. Just one question, is it built on a Sherman chassis?...

22nd November 2006 23:11

So if i get this right, every Swede is a hot blonde girl whose shirt can hardly contain her breasts,...

22nd November 2006 05:11

So if i get this right, every Swede is a hot blonde girl whose shirt can

22nd November 2006 05:11

Agreed. Who doesn't like money?

21st November 2006 23:11

How does he do it, he says what we all kinda knew, and he gets worshipped like a god for saying it....

21st November 2006 22:11

I'll take it:

21st November 2006 05:11

Pietje;3384593 On a sidenote, if you want to see a video regarding a specific weapon, just ask me an...

25th November 2006 22:11

10-rounds-of-12-gauge-ammo-at-240-rpm-hammer > manpowered pussyhammer

21st November 2006 03:11

Mekstizzle;3372803If i'm a newb what does that make you? A super ***nothing*** guy? Jesus christ....

21st November 2006 03:11

Dang, you're right. If only i knew how.:bawl: Btw, pics of planes are welcome too.

21st November 2006 01:11

Let's do a game, i start by showing a pic of a gun, and the person who answers correctly what weapon...

21st November 2006 01:11

Moose12;3372412Apocylipto What's that, some new kind of popsycle? Anyhow, we should be gratefull th...

21st November 2006 00:11

I doubt any changes of this sort are possible. If it would be possible, i'd be all for it, but with...

20th November 2006 23:11

Cool, always nice to see such "alternative" mods.

19th November 2006 23:11

craka)(craka;3368310No, he meant the little metal ring under the grip/handle of the revolver. *co...

19th November 2006 03:11

Are you referring to the little ring to put a lanyard in? The lanyard was supposed to be put around...

19th November 2006 00:11

zuiquan1;3367572that got a little bit too graphic IMO:uhm: but then again Ive always been a little...

18th November 2006 15:11