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Obviously: Please do not take this the wrong way, but as for one of my members finding your post it...

23rd September 2004 06:09

There would be a lot of pissed of fish...

10th February 2009 03:02

I saw this in the BBC news this morning, I spilt my coffee I laughed to much. Then I cried, my coffe...

30th January 2009 02:01

1st February 2009 00:02


1st February 2009 19:02

I don't think its all that good myself.

7th February 2009 20:02

I cut it down for a sig. I'll work on it some more later.

7th February 2009 21:02

I am on Manan at the moment and I need to get past the sharks but I have no idea how. Help?!

7th February 2009 23:02

I found it eventually but thanks anyway. :P

8th February 2009 04:02

I remember back in the day when I first started to play KOTOR that I found a lot of good mod website...

8th February 2009 18:02

8th February 2009 20:02

I thought Crysis on its Delta was fucking hard but it all goes to the DooM games/

10th February 2009 03:02

Do you have msn or xfire instead?

24th January 2009 18:01

Ok, recently my computer seems to be getting bitchy about certain things. Firstly AVG (free version)...

10th February 2009 06:02

lolwut? I don't get it. Its a show?

10th February 2009 06:02

Something bad would happen, like some pissed of dormant (until recent sea dissapearing events) beast...

10th February 2009 06:02

Any takers?

11th February 2009 00:02

Not unless I right-click and then go to explore, otherwise I cannot enter it. The error stops me. I...

11th February 2009 03:02

Sl4sh;4801820Eh, it was ok. He acted more like a retard than a troll... Yes.

13th February 2009 18:02

Every time I try to enter the Onderon Merchant quarter my game crashes. My disc is clean, I have use...

15th February 2009 19:02

I have not got any mods installed for KOTOR TSL. I do for KOTOR though.

16th February 2009 07:02

When I am at the loading screen, the bar is like an inch from finishing and a error come up. Can't r...

16th February 2009 20:02

Probably not, you just could not re-creat the effects into KOTOR.

17th February 2009 04:02

The Senate;4795901Fixed. lol.

17th February 2009 07:02

Mine Spoiler: Show

24th January 2009 19:01