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why dont you just buy the game?

16th July 2002 14:07

do i need to buy another copy of the game? tnx in adv!

12th August 2002 17:08

OMG! tnx. you just put a big :) on my face! LOL

20th December 2002 21:12

come to #demon @ quakenet :)

10th December 2002 21:12

is that the same clan as, Xtreme in unreal? ot did you just like the name? :)

18th September 2002 18:09

is there anyway you can send the bot to me? tnx alot in adv! [email]C4rb3n@hotmail.com[/email]

13th September 2002 14:09

why, if you wanna play CS, then play, dont fuck SOF2 up.. :D

30th August 2002 17:08

sweet! if you need some hel pwith sounds im there!! Carben

12th August 2002 17:08

LOL his spamming, mate, take a look @ you adminz spam posts.. before you delete anythning! Carben

5th August 2002 14:08

nice links guys tnx!

26th July 2002 17:07

Anyone up for a clan match? 5 vs 5 or 4 vs 4 leave a msg here!!

24th July 2002 19:07

tnx for the link!! -Carben

17th July 2002 19:07