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does anyone know where you can find the TemporalBoP and The Sukoy other than getting it with mpmp if...

7th November 2002 03:11

hey starbright i thought you gave up on me

12th March 2003 18:03

play around with the CloakingDevice.SetNormalPowerPerSecond that means how much power goes into it p...

13th March 2003 21:03

ok ty starbright i don't wanna rush him or you

13th March 2003 17:03

try sending it to either [email][/email] or [email][/email]...

13th March 2003 08:03

once i get it i can begin to help beta test it

13th March 2003 05:03

try upping the cloak strength the more power it has the faster it should engage

13th March 2003 05:03

looks very good to me the other one was good too

13th March 2003 03:03

i agree with valiantsi about the tractor idea and about the cloak but give the sov a weak warpcore(s...

12th March 2003 19:03

sure i'll help in any way i can

12th March 2003 00:03

send it over chat program like icq or msn icq:65955771 aim:ZiTribal

13th March 2003 21:03

what are the steps to install the mpe n how do you use it?

27th February 2003 07:02

you could go into the hardpoint and either add quantums or add hull points or so???

26th February 2003 18:02

for the torpedo you mean like the ones that the borg used on The Enterprise D and it drained the shi...

20th February 2003 22:02


19th February 2003 16:02

link works fine

19th February 2003 05:02

i'll join and be what you want

18th February 2003 19:02

real good

17th February 2003 18:02


13th March 2003 21:03

i agree

14th March 2003 02:03

it looks fantastic don't forget to send me a copy of it ok??

16th June 2003 01:06

well i got a new nvidia geforce fx 5200 and it has improved my game and i can have all those plus a...

18th July 2003 14:07

edit the py file for the ship in scripts/ships/hardpoints folder setting it to high will cause the g...

25th June 2003 05:06

i know there may not be any sounds for the disruptors or the torps that's cuzz that particular one d...

22nd June 2003 06:06

hey sabrewings i keep getting CRC Errors maybe try resending the file and see what happens it says f...

21st June 2003 05:06
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