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Hi, I've downloaded all 3 files from filefront. When i open them they start preparing the setup. But...

31st January 2006 02:01

Pls, Could someone upload this to filefront, I tried dl it @ 7.4 kb/sec:(

31st July 2006 03:07

I've recently downloaded bf1918 airshow for BF2, and the same problem occurs here to.. so dunno if t...

12th March 2007 23:03

Any progress on finding a sollution?:)

4th March 2007 06:03

I reinstalled my drivers and there only comes 1 error instead of 3 (WGL_EXT_swap_control) but... Atl...

20th February 2007 18:02

It first gives the errors and then crashes when I want to start/open a map.. But yeah, i'll try re-i...

19th February 2007 09:02

Hi, I've got a problem with BC42! (I've recently bought a new computer, so that's when the problem s...

19th February 2007 06:02

Can something be done about FH not working on vista? I was really looking forward to play it..

19th February 2007 03:02

Thx very much! I think the Ed42 site is no longer btw..

24th August 2006 03:08

Sorry to bring this up again.. But can someone give me the visible treemeshes for Editor 42. I've se...

23rd August 2006 22:08

Does anyone know where I can get this mod? Link is dead :(

16th August 2006 00:08

lol, they're probably waiting for an anemy to come down the stairs:p

28th July 2006 19:07

See what it gives.. Thx m8

31st January 2006 03:01

I thought it were something like patches, thx

27th July 2006 03:07

Hi all, I've recently got seperated from mapping due to bad pc :p Now everything is up and running,...

27th July 2006 02:07

Ok:) I'm gonna delete everything and start all over. The problem has probably to do with the fact th...

14th July 2006 23:07

Well, I have my map with ed42.exe in it (i just called it C:/ed42) than i have made another map (C:/...

13th July 2006 15:07

Alright I've looked at all the threads about ed42 and installed it (normally) properly.. I've put th...

13th July 2006 03:07

K, thx very much! I've got another problem, it seems that some models are missing:confused: for inst...

9th July 2006 21:07

Hi, I'm very very new to mapping, so I have a question...:) Is it possible to change the weapons of...

8th July 2006 19:07

alright, thx for the replies!

1st February 2006 20:02

so.. i must download the 'non' server side files?

1st February 2006 19:02

Hi, FH finally works.. But i have already a new problem. Maybe it's noobish but yeah:rolleyes: Ever...

1st February 2006 04:02

well, dunno (still waiting 4 it to come out :D), just saying that I had the same problem with bf1918...

13th March 2007 01:03