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I would send you it but its 16mb ziped up and Iam not going to wait that long Sorry... Just buy th...

23rd August 1999 06:08

Never mind... Just read the bottom of your post. O well. I dont think there is any place you can dow...

23rd August 1999 06:08

Do I win?? I want to win!! I never win Can I have tf2 as my prize... PLEASE!?!? sotrt

1st September 1999 07:09


2nd September 1999 02:09

Ahhh you should just shoot it more Keep shooting it till it falls in a pit and jump in after it an...

1st October 1999 01:10


25th October 1999 04:10

LOL!! Wealthy? Just because we buy a $50 game we are wealthy? Just go buy the game, I dont think any...

25th October 1999 04:10

Yes you can, Just use WorldCraft 2.1 sotrt

25th October 1999 10:10

If you post anything bad like what was here earlier, it will be gone and so will any further posts f...

1st February 2000 11:02

Done and Done!

1st February 2000 12:02