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A. Waxing their armor instead of going to the fire range so they can hit something for once. Q. Wha...

15th December 2007 08:12

I know what i was saying the person with the modded xmls can't play any games unless the host has th...

14th December 2007 13:12

A. Yo Momma's!!!!! Q. WTF? What the hel did I just type?

13th December 2007 07:12

A. They needed to fund their nuclear weapon program. Q. Why doesn't the empire just use nuclear mis...

12th December 2007 13:12

So I can try to get people to make a battlefield 1942 mod here?

12th December 2007 13:12

Battlestar Galactica what the hel? Dude no offense but these are the star wars EAW forums for star w...

12th December 2007 13:12

How did you actually "make" the campaign map?

29th October 2008 07:10