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I'll still help with the new mod cause I can make maps and I'm a medium level coder.

31st January 2008 06:01

A. Because he eats people. Q. Is Palpatine a cannibal.

31st January 2008 06:01

That sucks cause I was a reserved helper for the mod.

30th January 2008 11:01

A. Like your mom Q. Are stormtroopers inbred?

30th January 2008 09:01

A. Wamp Rat crawls into wookiee's fur and irritates him enough for the wookiee to commit suicide. Q...

30th January 2008 07:01

A. Me Q. If the grey jedi waged a war on the jedi who would win?

7th February 2008 07:02

spikewear45;4207146Ok... i think i understand that, so... I need to find an xml folder that holds th...

11th February 2008 07:02

A. Non existant. Q. If Star Wars humans were 25,000 years ahead of us then how come they just live...

8th March 2008 08:03

No I'm talking about Revan like I said Revan = Communist.

18th February 2008 17:02

A. Because he is too empowered with Communism. Q. What would communism be like in star wars?

6th March 2008 09:03

Yeah but that mod just has alittle vong in it not like a war.

6th March 2008 09:03

I believe in the Endor Holocaust. I hate ewoks.... alot.

2nd March 2008 05:03

Ok so I have a hex editor but I don't know how to code at all and is it normal for a bunch of number...

24th February 2008 10:02

NVM this thread can a moderator please delete this useless thread. thank you.

23rd February 2008 12:02

Does anybody know how to open lvl. files on BF2 cause I want to start modding?

23rd February 2008 12:02

You really don't need to make this a big scene.

21st February 2008 14:02

A. Neither he's an extra galactic alien Q. Is the Empire more like a fascism or communism?

18th February 2008 17:02

Keraunos281;4207320As was Dark Empire.. You can accept everything that comes with 'Star Wars' sign,...

11th February 2008 07:02

A.-5 Q. Is there chocolate in Star Wars?

16th February 2008 10:02

A. Byss Q. Whose Vaders dad?

15th February 2008 09:02

A.-1 seconds Q. What is the Star Wars version of terrorists?

14th February 2008 10:02

Well I think he's a freakin wuss. The guy wanted to take over the Republic and make some stupid empi...

13th February 2008 12:02

A. No,he can't get any action. Q. Is the Star Wars galaxy actually very far away?

13th February 2008 12:02

A. Kevin Costner would be a good Dooku. Q. Who would be a good Emperor Palpatine?

11th February 2008 14:02

I'll be one of your coders wizardington, I'm not the best coder around, but I know some cool tricks...

11th February 2008 07:02