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Hi. I noticed that in most screenshots, the saber is kinda like "glowy". Like glowing brightly (You...

1st November 2003 16:11

So that means i can also do this to maps which has no music?

1st January 2005 14:01

cl_smooth 0 - Doesnt change anything here, but boost slight more FPS fps_max 999 - Makes FPS slight...

22nd November 2004 21:11

Download and install GCFscape extract scripts from source engine.gcf Look for weapon_***.txt where...

16th December 2004 22:12

Anyone knows where i can find the Rate of Fire? I'd like to change it for some weapons. And i cant s...

16th December 2004 22:12

Does anyone know how i can add music to the current Single Player maps in Half-Life 2? I thought it'...

1st January 2005 00:01

i have the legit HL2 and i also sometimes i get the AI Disabled on the right of my screen. Typing ai...

1st January 2005 01:01

Your skin looks very similar to the Combine Prison Guard skin which can be seen in the Nova Propsket...

1st January 2005 01:01

Oh i see. Any reason why we cant add to the current maps?

1st January 2005 11:01

Decompile with hammer right? Im kinda like a n00b when it comes to mapping.

1st January 2005 14:01

I already installed the offical AvP 2 mod tools (Including the update for it) but still cannot find...

30th October 2004 10:10

Its inside half-life 2 content.gcf The weapon scripts are inside hl2/scripts/

16th January 2005 13:01

They are in source engine.gcf. Root is hl2/scripts The files are weapon_*.txt where * is the name...

23rd January 2005 21:01

Ok theres something wrong with my AVP2 disc 1. So i copied the whole thing into my D:\ drive and att...

8th February 2005 22:02

NVM, i did a Norton Ghost and its working again

10th February 2005 19:02

Predators ---------- 1. Auto-Locking - The one thing i hate about the shoulder cannon and disc is th...

16th February 2005 21:02

When you auto-lock an enemy with when using disc or plasma shoulder cannon, how to prevent that anno...

16th February 2005 21:02

What do you mean?

26th February 2005 22:02

This one i suppose?

31st October 2004 20:10

Why are all release dates october? I bet it wont even come out 1st october but september instead

31st August 2004 15:08

To change weapon ammo, open up source engine.gcf and go to scripts folder. Look for the files weapon...

9th April 2005 18:04

Great! Does that mean we'll see it early september?!

11th August 2004 19:08

Mobility Radeon? Does that mean you're running on a laptop? It may not run as well as you run it on...

26th July 2004 15:07

Nik1818Exactly what the title says. Predict your Halflife 2 (%) on the poll provided, also make a co...

26th July 2004 20:07

Me getting both

27th July 2004 20:07