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i am a halo king bow to me

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:borg:Im having a problom making the scenario in to a map:confused:

7th August 2008 03:08

ok i did that and it said couldnt read map file the it has a bunch of numbers and then...

8th August 2008 05:08

i checked file front and didt find hacks for flyff

1st October 2008 10:10

wow lol i left for 3 days and there all redy 11 anwsers

28th September 2008 19:09

:KTA:im looking for mony hack exp hack that are free and have no virus or spy programs or back door...

25th September 2008 07:09

o so if i need a space in a map i need to put under score instead of a space

25th August 2008 11:08

the name of the map is world war 3

24th August 2008 22:08

thats what im using

12th August 2008 11:08

lol im bad with a pcs lol andi builet this one lol

9th August 2008 01:08

the error i got was couldnt read map file EXCEPTION halt in \halopc\halopc\source\cache...

8th August 2008 20:08

yes:lol::rofl::lol::rofl::lol::rofl::lol:its my arme of then hahahahahh lol i crazy

8th August 2008 05:08

ok what do i do aftwr this

8th August 2008 04:08

ok thanks

7th August 2008 03:08


8th August 2008 04:08

no i cheked and all the words were right

8th August 2008 03:08

:borg:i tryd that and when i hit enter it sat the system cant find the path specified:assimilate:

8th August 2008 03:08

:borg:thanks this my frist time making a map:assimilate:

8th August 2008 03:08

so frist i type cd C:\Programs Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edtion\tool.exe levels\the scenario...

7th August 2008 23:08

:borg:when i type cd C:\Programs Files\Microsoft Games\halo custon Edtion\tool.exe levels\the name o...

7th August 2008 06:08

:assimilate:the best place to downlod maps is HaloMaps Online all the maps i got there work

7th August 2008 05:08

thanks but when i hit enter it says the system cant find the path specified :assimilate:

7th August 2008 04:08

i need help with truning scenarios in to map:assimilate:

7th August 2008 03:08

y dose zombo take so long to lget to the main page

1st October 2008 11:10