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In the entire history of both world wars no army has fought so bravely and heroicly. Before you star...

19th November 2004 09:11

lol, my retard comment worked! *Fires up soletni....*

3rd February 2007 06:02

^Thats how our maps are drawn down under. Though I agree with Fuzzy, I have no idea what the super...

20th January 2007 04:01

^Or we can blame Martians/Illuminati/Bremuda Triangle. Either way, this'll be certainly fixed by...

20th January 2007 04:01

Berlin Streets Selow Hights

20th January 2007 10:01

nebotnebot;3494498anything with nips LOL Banzai kit FTW Battle Isle is the most fun "who cares" map...

21st January 2007 05:01

LOL What an amazing thread! Nothing like the mention of the Maus to get the people giggling like sch...

28th January 2007 00:01

Hell Ranger;3505857Whats so secret about molotov cocktails? You seen the price of petrol lately? The...

28th January 2007 00:01

I'm starting to think FH2 is a hoax by IBM trying to get us all to keep buying better and better com...

29th January 2007 05:01

Australia, the land of too much sunshine.

30th January 2007 04:01

Admiral Donutz;3511020I thought the micronesians won not? With their camel armies and such. Or have...

30th January 2007 09:01

OH yeah! Where is it? ;) (please)

3rd February 2007 00:02

Hear Hear Marv! I agree with Cola, I'm not keen on having complete noobs run around calling the shot...

3rd February 2007 10:02

Yeah and Early War map with Russia and Japan fighting would be good. T-26's vs Ha-go's. Both tanks a...

15th January 2007 05:01

AWESOME! Many thanks from the lads at 2AIF!

6th February 2007 09:02

Universal Carrier with Bren Gun is the ultimate in anti-armour equipment. Frequently I've seen it u...

10th February 2007 08:02

saw it in a magazine in Aus.

14th February 2007 06:02

lol, the thing was a death trap. Though I'll agree, Russian Armoured cars need to represented in som...

18th February 2007 06:02

looking real good, can't wait

18th February 2007 10:02

SUTTO;3556683Gumbies own teletubbies. What a great contribution to the thread. Though is it fair t...

27th February 2007 04:02

ctz;3557192 :lies: oh why do you mock us so? :bawl:

27th February 2007 10:02

wow, Tobruk is modernised in a way that is almost perfect, wait..........It IS Perfect :P Crusier...

14th March 2007 05:03

You better not be lying! We hate teasers round these parts!

15th March 2007 05:03

What does DICE have against FH????? I bet they're jealous of our devs

25th March 2007 08:03

Don't answer it's a trap!

18th January 2007 07:01