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lol NZ I love those guys. In reality, and i know it's hypocritical been Australian, but NZ played a...

6th October 2005 12:10

Johann├ĘsWoah, NZ forces vs. Italian Forces at Monte Cassino? My bad sorry i should have picked that...

8th October 2005 12:10

Anzac= self :0wned:

8th October 2005 16:10

I like the bayonet idea, it would give rifleman a chance in close quarters and give an alternatve to...

8th October 2005 16:10

can we code a Wittmann easter egg uber tank thats invinceable except from air attack? lol nah i'd lo...

8th October 2005 16:10

great new sounds another thing to look foward two. Thousgh how will this affect the realism patch? d...

8th October 2005 16:10

When Planes take damage in certain areas they should suffer stability problems. It Should be a hel...

8th October 2005 16:10

I think we can all agree Shorts are way

23rd October 2005 16:10


24th October 2005 16:10

lol Spaniard Mod leader, never heard that before. I can say from experience, that original manual h...

5th July 2006 18:07

Pack + FH = SUPER FH Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24th April 2006 10:04

Stuarts served on all fronts

17th December 2005 12:12

There in the Map Tobruk, thats all....they deserved more

17th December 2005 17:12

A plethora of sounds and sights with the chaotic teamwork atmosphere that only Forgotten Hope can gi...

2nd January 2006 12:01

classics, love the friendly fire one

25th January 2006 19:01

nifty little site

25th January 2006 19:01

Looking good man, can't wait for a Russian Tank Destroyer!

8th February 2006 12:02

Ah English the greatest language because we just knocked off the other languages

8th February 2006 13:02

That happened to me well the plane crashing but survivng part. I had full health but no 'zombieness'

9th February 2006 15:02

Nothing like an army of lemmings with zookas to scare the crap out of you

18th February 2006 18:02

Assault is my specialty! Whether it be in a tank, infantry or ground attack plane clearing up the de...

15th April 2006 16:04

Australia and Poland, Face it we both love each other. Still I'd imagine Poland will show up later...

24th April 2006 10:04

Well maybe all comments should be conisdered FH2 suggestions, despite what the poster might say

16th December 2005 12:12

It would be great on ships certainly. I'm a fan of the idea of crucial areas to hit, etc Hit turrets...

26th April 2006 20:04

lol I've noticed that too I think it never existed, like it was all an illusion like the Matrix........

26th April 2006 20:04