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It's kinda hypocritical for some pro democracy person to ban another on their views, no matter how e...

3rd December 2005 09:12

I thought it sucked?

3rd December 2005 18:12

I can't believe this thread

3rd December 2005 18:12

Komrad_B /ME rapidly flees the thread before the unevitable Finnish angry mob arrives to brutally ma...

3rd December 2005 18:12

I'd agree with the Early war random spawn, but from Kursk onwards it's taboo

3rd December 2005 18:12

Jisaac31334I have to admit i am not a skinner, so sorry if they look bad. I am just a modeller, anyw...

11th December 2005 13:12

cool, Looks great btw

12th December 2005 09:12

Go man, were all rooting for ya

12th December 2005 09:12

Man they can't reject him!!!!

12th December 2005 17:12

Onw of my favourite things to do in FH is when i see a M36, is to 2 just charge it with my gun, fir...

13th December 2005 14:12

The main battles with the Vichy French were in Syria. Syria-Lebanon Campaign - Wikipedia, the free...

1st February 2009 16:02