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:D hows it going im the Spaz man! whats going on? im was just cruzing the web look for some good for...

24th September 2005 10:09

What age group do you belong to? □15-19 □ Which handheld/console do you own? □Nintendo Gamecube,...

29th September 2005 22:09

yeah it is a reallt good time you should just dress up and go out anyway lol

27th September 2005 01:09

But thats you and i do agree with you i would still like to play all factions

27th September 2005 01:09

WOW bob lol that sounds like a good time lol

27th September 2005 21:09

Sig Request Form Signature IMAGE: TEXT: Only the Stong S...

28th September 2005 21:09

Anybody Sig please :confused::( you can add in your own personized touch if you would like anything!...

29th September 2005 03:09

Sig anybody please :confused::( I would like it to have a World War 2 feel to it thats the only main...

29th September 2005 03:09

Dude that is awsome! thank you so much! im very happy with that! dose anyone else wanna try?

29th September 2005 06:09

brittany spears! most deff! dont forget to tuck in the belly!

29th September 2005 06:09

Anybody want to take another crack at it?

29th September 2005 07:09

You make a good point about the fun factor, but thats where nintendo comes in i have always looked t...

29th September 2005 23:09

Yeah! your damn right im going trick or treating! i will be pulling up on lawns soon just to get my...

27th September 2005 00:09

What is everyone " to cool" to go trick or treating? or something come on people! its all about fun...

30th September 2005 05:09

Of course will be getting Soul Caliber 3! All the Soul Calibers are good i love this game alot

30th September 2005 06:09

Well like a said to each his own i understand the whole age thing but the drugs and booz i could nev...

30th September 2005 07:09

Im sure there not going to chnage anything the fromual yeah know what i mea? yeah had soemthing good...

30th September 2005 22:09

hahahah i agree with that i love it im takeing 2 of my "friends" dressed as french mades :naughty:

1st October 2005 00:10

Random_stuopposite problem with me, can somebody tell me why the f**K u can have 4 squads of scouts...

1st October 2005 00:10

Dose anyone else wanna try?

4th October 2005 20:10

WOW! these look awsome! i really like the one with the Barcode name it looks really awsome! thank yo...

5th October 2005 22:10

Anybody else wanna try there hand at this?

7th October 2005 08:10

I jsut really like to see what people can come up with

8th October 2005 04:10

Good call my freind good call, well xbox is comeing out this holiday season just to get the jump on...

27th September 2005 00:09

In mass

26th September 2005 20:09
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