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I don't know if anyone has seen this before. A huge (well, not huge, but big in Sim standards) whit...

29th August 2004 13:08

[COLOR=black]I hope they don't make a movie of it. Just like the other movies based on games, they w...

7th July 2006 23:07

[COLOR=black]Aliens because they are killed gory and humorous way. lol[/COLOR]

7th July 2006 16:07

I found this earlier today. :lol: Clicky

7th July 2006 17:07

Has anyone ever seen these before? If you look carefully enough on the official GTA websites you can...

7th July 2006 21:07

[COLOR=black]Finally this might suggest that they are beginning to listen to the community and will...

7th July 2006 22:07

English. :beer:

7th July 2006 16:07

[COLOR=black]What's the new map like and is there any noticeable changes?[/COLOR][COLOR=black][/COLO...

8th July 2006 02:07

Done. :lookaround:

8th July 2006 02:07

CD: Muse - Black Holes and Revelations DVD: The Long Way Round Game: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City...

8th July 2006 02:07

:cya: Welcome to the Gaming Forums.

8th July 2006 06:07

DarkBahamuti stop the process from task manager. it's called bf2.exe Thanks, but it still should n...

8th July 2006 16:07

[COLOR=black]I have a Microsoft Intelli Optical Mouse which was well worth the Ā£11 I bought it for....

8th July 2006 23:07

Usually the jetpack, lower wanted level, and health cheats. They are really useful for taking back t...

9th July 2006 05:07

If you have the money then you should just get it.

7th July 2006 16:07

Big Brother: The Game

6th July 2006 21:07

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/5142908.stm Al-Qaeda sympathisers have been trying to infiltrate t...

5th July 2006 17:07

Welcome to GF.

5th July 2006 17:07

Welcome to Gaming Forums, enjoy your stay.:beer:

5th July 2006 17:07

Wipeout Fusion, I've not played this in about 5 years lol.

5th July 2006 17:07

Lord WienerI can't believe no one has mentioned Serious Sam 1&2 yet. They're fun because you rar...

5th July 2006 20:07

[COLOR=black]I like games with good graphics (eg. Battlefield 2, Doom 3, Half Life 2 etc) but I do a...

6th July 2006 01:07

[COLOR=black]Good god, what next. This is the most sickening I've ever heard about in my life. It re...

7th July 2006 02:07

Not sure if this has been posted here before but here it is anyway. I found it over at filefreaks.ne...

6th July 2006 21:07

Welcome to Gaming Forums m8, enjoy your stay here. ;)

6th July 2006 22:07